Eun Jiwon & Sechs Kies

I’m currently into everything related to Eun Ji Won!
Clover, Two days and One Night (1N2D), Star Golden Bell s2, Idol League etc, I’ve been digging into them all.

But I didn’t pay attention to anything related to Sechs Kies (his former group) until I heard this song by chance from 1N2D.

I really liked this song! LOL

Sechs Kies is a history, but they are the original idol of Korean Entertainment alongside a few other first generation idols such as H.O.T, GOD, Shinwha etc.

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Two Days One Night (1N2D)

I’ve became addicted to this show!

I got to know this show early this year I think. It was around the time when I became interested in one of the members, Eun Jiwon. I watched him in Star Golden Bell Challenge, but at that time I had no idea who he is, the only thing I know about him is he is called Jiwon and he is adorably clueless sometimes. Then I watched him guesting in one of the episode of Oh My School and I saw him rapping! cool. I liked his rapping and from then I know his name Eun Jiwon and he is an ex-idol. I did a research about him and got to know that he is one of the members of 1N2D.

By that time Star Golden Bell Challenge has ended its show, so the only show that I can see him on is 1N2D which is airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 391). So I started watching that show and tell you what, it was so funny! I don’t know most of the members and I watched the show solely because of Jiwon, but i fell instantly in love with the show.

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Cartoon KAT-TUN

The first TV show that I was really interested that I started to dig up everywhere to find the show to watch it from episode one was Cartoon KAT-TUN. It wasn’t long after I got to know about one of KAT-TUN’s member (now ex-member), Akanishi Jin, that I became interested in him and from my research I learned, the group he was in has a TV show called Cartoon KAT-TUN.

Thanks to a lot of videos from their fans who uploaded cuts from the show, I was curious about the show and did my search and finally I came across the big archive for KAT-TUN’s fan that is J-One Records. This is a useful community for KAT-TUN’s fan where we can get a lot of videos of PV (for their single), concert DVD and music shows, scan of magazine, drama/movie that the members acted in, their songs/albums, photobooks and so on.

I enjoyed the show, but it has ended so suddenly around March this year. I think the major reason was because they have different commitments after Jin Akanishi was announced to spread his wings to LA (for his solo concert) and his activities and future from then became vague.

Anyways, the show has three parts, where the first season, they focused on interviewing the guest/s on studio while sometimes having a ‘small challenge’ if they were challenged by the guest on a game/duel. This concept was interesting, because while KAT-TUN is well-known for their strange ‘member-ai’, they managed to make it interesting with their weird sense of Do-S to the members. (You can see that Nakamaru and Taguchi are always being the victim of the other members’ Do-S).


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Welcome to the World of Imagination

My wonder world is a blog where I will share my interest. There’s a lot of things that catch my interest. I’m so into Japan entertainment world for the last few years that now I’m beginning to dig into Korean entertainment world.

For me, the wonder about J-entertainment is the world of fanfiction. I started to write fanfiction after knowing J-entertainment. At first I was only interested in the drama and movies but then I started to know about a few boybands that I finally was brought into a fandom world called FanFiction. I wrote fanfiction but I only stick to my one and only OTP that is Yamapi/Jin aka PiN. Although I liked a wide range of pairings at first, but after sometimes I only focused on that one pairing. Besides, Jpop, I also like a few anime that I ended up worship a few pairings. They are FujixRyo aka FujiRyo (Prince of Tennis) and CielxSebastian (Kuroshitsuji).

Different from J-entertainment, what I like about Korean entertainment is their variety show. I don’t really watch K-drama mostly because I don’t like to watch a long drama (more than 10 episodes is considered long for me), so for drama I prefer J-drama. There’s a few Japan variety show that I liked but I think I liked the concept that was introduced in Korean variety shows more.

For example, I like 2 days 1 night where the members go travel around Korea to introduce the beauty places while having games in between to make the show enjoyable and you can see an unexpected turn of event while you least expected it. Star Golden Bell Challenge for example, they play games while introducing the celebrity guests. While the host, the members and the guests try to make the show entertaining, they also share a lot about their culture.

So I’ll be sharing my thought about those shows and pointing you guys to the links where you can watch or download the shows.

that’s all for now đŸ˜€




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