AU (Alternate Universe)

A Marriage Arrangement
PG / humor
Akanishi Jin is forced to attend an omiai when he is completely in love with other person.

Searching for You
PG-13 / angst, romance
Hurt and lost, Akanishi Jin is looking for his old self when he meets Yamashita Tomohisa

Crush on You
PG-13 / fluff
Yamapi is acting in a MV where he get confessed by Akanishi Jin

Embracing the Chance
PG-13 with character death
They met, became friends and falling in love but death forced them apart

Knowing You is a Sweet Thing
PG-13 / drama
When Yamashita Tomohisa gets to know more about Akanishi Jin, he becomes attracted to him

Give Me Your Love
[PiN, RyoJin]
R for violence themed
Jin couldn’t bear being violated by his boyfriend anymore, so he runs away

Give Me Your Love – side story
[RyoJin, PiN]
R for violence themed Tatsuya’s POV on Ryo and Jin’s relationship

Fate has Decided
NC-17, only a small part of the entire story
Fate has decided that they’ll meet and fall in love but fate also decided that Jin is getting married to someone else

Catch Me, Stop Me
G ambiguous Bffery / general
When Akanishi is chasing a criminal, he is brought to meet his friend

The Rivalry is Love
NC-17 (nothing too explicit, just to be safe)
They always competing against each other until they realized one day, beyond the rivalry there’s love

Bring Him Back to Life
PG-13 / angst/ romance
Yamapi finds a cellphone which brings him to a series of confusing coincidences

If Only I knew It was Love
When Yamapi realizes it was love, Jin has left

Who will Save Your Soul
PG-13/ romance/angst
He trades his soul to a devil to avenge his parents’ death

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