Pin Love

PG / Angst
Jin makes Yamapi cries

my ichiban
PG-13 / Angst (Yamapi’s POV)
Yamapi is asked about his most important person

Love is in the Air
PG-13 / fluff
Jin realised his feeling towards his best friend and asked a few other friends about that.

An Indirect kiss is okay too
PG / humor, fluffy
An indirect kiss that lead to…

BF: Bestfriend or Boyfriend
PG-13 / fluff
Everybody knows Jin and Yamapi are best friends, but they’re curious if the two actually are closer than that.

Cute Moment Witnessed by KT-TUN
G and ambiguous BFFery
Jin is away and sick, his best friend is his remedy and KT-TUN being the witnesses.

Cute Moment Witnessed by KT-TUN & Ryo
[sequel to Cute Moment witnessed by KT-TUN]
PG-13 / humor, romance
Yamapi’s big surprise for Jin but is Jin really surprised?

Love Song for You
G, ambiguous bffery, lol
Yamapi deserved the love song after all the things he has done

Let’s Play the Game
PG-13 / humor
KAT-TUN decide to play a game, Yamapi and Ryo join them

To Win His Heart
PG-13 / humor, romance
Jin’s surprises for Yamapi to win his love

I’m Sorry I Love You
PG / angst
Yamapi is in coma due to an accident which everyone blamed it on Jin

I’m Sorry I Love You – sequel  
PG / angst, romance
Jin is waiting with a belief that miracle will happen and Yamapi will wake up again, does miracle really happens to them?

I Promise You
PG-13 / humor, fluff
Yamapi promises something to make Jin agrees to go to hospital

Tell Me if You Love Me
PG-13 / angst
Yamapi missed Jin, a lot

It’s Enough When You’re with Me
PG-13 / romance
Yamapi and Jin spend time together

Best Plan Ever
PG-13 / fluffy
Jin devises a plan, is his plan really best plan ever?

When I Miss You[sequel to Tell Me if You Love Me]
PG / angst
Jin in LA, Yamapi misses him

Mark You
PG, ambigous BFFery, lol / fluff
Jin is excited to hang out with his friends, but…then….

Thank You
Yamapi goes to Jin’s solo in LA

[slight RyoDa but not really]
PG / fluff
Jin wants Yamapi to take care of him, but Yamapi is in Tokyo and he’s away for concert tour

I’m Sorry
PG-13 / fluff
Jin and Yamapi are arguing and their friends want them to fix everything up.

Need a Baby to Make PiN
PG-13 / humor, slight angsty and romance
PiN need to baby-sit a baby

Because of Me?
PG-13 / humor, fluff
The impact of Jin’s AnAN version of nude photoshoot on Yamapi

Flying Trapeze
G with some ambiguous PiN Bffery
Jin acts spoiled and Yamapi’s response is…

Fanfiction Tragedy
PG-13 / fluff
When Yamapi stumbled across fanfiction

Fanfiction Tragedy ver. 2
PG-13 / fluff
When Jin stumbled across fanfiction

PG-13 / humor, romance
When Yamapi is away, Jin is complaining nonstop and Ryo doesn’t want to hear him out anymore

Because I Love You
[hinted RyoDa]
PG-13 / angst, romance
It’s hurt to be separated when they’re arguing

Different Carnations
PG-13 / angst, romance
Yamapi gives out different carnation for different person

Under the Sun
PG-13 / romance
Jin spend the night of his day off with a tired Yamapi

The Moon Brings Me Love
PG-13 / angst, romance
He broke up on the full moon, but the moon loves him.

Please Tell Me Your Answer
R for character’s death/ angst, romance
Jin is sad after losing his beloved, Tomohisa is always be with him

Love Sadist
R for the theme
The first time it happened, their lives changed

Love is Never Easy
PG-13 / angst, romance
Jin has always loves Yamapi but Yamapi already has a boyfriend

PG-13 / fluff
Yamapi thinks he has made it obvious, but Jin doesn’t get it and demands Jin to confess clearly

Confession – remix
PG-13 / fluff
Jin and Yamapi reminising about their confessions

Let’s Follow them
Yamapi is on date with a girl, so how come PiN is the pairing? Is Yamapi delusional?

You Draw it Out
Hard R for the BDSM themed
Jin finds out the desire to dominate Yamapi and he forced Yamapi into a dub-con sex?

It Tastes Sweeet
PiN’s first time together; cute, silly, awkward.

Be My Girl
R for jerking off on ferris wheel
PiN go on a date with Pi dressed like a girl

The Meaning of the Kiss
PG-13/ fluff
Yamapi wonders why Jin kissed him

My Happiness is You
PG-13 / angst
Yamapi helps Jin to find his happiness though his happiness is Jin

What I didn’t Expect
Jin is waiting for a birthday wish from Yamapi but it comes in a way that he never expected

Drama Character
Kurosaki / Hayato
Our Story Part 1// Part 2 // Part 3
PG-13 / fluff, humor
Kurosaki meets Hayato by chance and he falls for the boy so quickly

Our Story : an episode in their story
PG-15 / humor Hayato is taking the lead to have sex with Kurosaki

PiN & RyoDa

Mix and Pair
PG / fluff
NEWS and KAT-TUN are mixed up for a photoshoot

Mix and Pair ver. 2
PG / fluff
What happened when they’re not supposed to form their own pairings?

PiN BFFery

Our Treasure
Jin and Yamapi’s treasure

Me and U series
a ficlets collection of PiN moment

Thank You – Another Version
Jin feels so tired with all the things that happened and Yamapi is there for him.

setting: Pi’s SBS solo con]
Jin gives his support to Yamapi

Thank You – Different Version
Jin is excited about his LA Tour and decided Yamapi is the first to know

Thank You – Another Version 2
Yamapi’s emails to Jin (World is Yours)

Yamapi’s Way
Yamapi, food and money

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