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Two Days One Night (1N2D)

I’ve became addicted to this show!

I got to know this show early this year I think. It was around the time when I became interested in one of the members, Eun Jiwon. I watched him in Star Golden Bell Challenge, but at that time I had no idea who he is, the only thing I know about him is he is called Jiwon and he is adorably clueless sometimes. Then I watched him guesting in one of the episode of Oh My School and I saw him rapping! cool. I liked his rapping and from then I know his name Eun Jiwon and he is an ex-idol. I did a research about him and got to know that he is one of the members of 1N2D.

By that time Star Golden Bell Challenge has ended its show, so the only show that I can see him on is 1N2D which is airing on KBS World (Astro Channel 391). So I started watching that show and tell you what, it was so funny! I don’t know most of the members and I watched the show solely because of Jiwon, but i fell instantly in love with the show.

The members will go on a trip for two days and one night to introduce a lot of beautiful places around Korea and at the same time they were to  complete the mission given (by the mean staffs, lol) in a stretch time limit to get to eat or sleep inside. If they fail the mission (which will be the guilty pleasure of the PD and staffs, hehe) they will have to starve or sleep outside in harsh weather. Usually they are given a few missions to complete with something worth a stake on the line, and when they gather together on the night they’ll play a bokbulbok game which completely depend on luck and strategy to get their dinner.

The best part of the show is when they’re given mission (team or individual race) you’d find a lot of unexpected turn of event, like how when the members who are in disadvantage suddenly came up with a twisted plan and catch up with the rest and even lead the race after some point. These kind of unexpected turn were really intriguing that you’d feel your heart can’t calm down until the PD has officially announced the winner.

One thing about the show that I liked is the PD. No matter how cruel and mean he is towards the members there’s always something unexpected and warm that he and the staffs prepared at some points throughout the show. In one of the episode, the last episode in 2010, if I’m not mistaken, you’d see how one of the members, Lee Seung Gi made an impersonation of the PD and it was so hilarious. “No, you can’t!, Fail!, Wrong!” It was all said in a happy tone. That was how the PD in their eyes. Yet the scene after that was so touching, the staff came and sincerely thanking all the members for all their hard work. Well, it was touching until Jiwon and Jongmin were tricked into an evil plan of bokbulbok and ended up have to sleep outside in the harsh cold weather.

The episode after that is a special episode where they go on a trip with foreign worker. All the members tell their new friends that the staffs (especially the PD) are the bad guy who’s enjoy to starve them to death and doing whatever they can to make them sleep outside. It seems so at first, until when they arrive at the base camp, it turns into the warmest memories of 1N2D. Everyone cries their eyes out when all the workers who came to Korean to work and had to part from their family were given the best Christmas present; their family were there in Korea to meet them! You’d never imagine the staffs would go to that extent.

If I were to talk about this show, it’d never enough. Anyways, I strongly recommended this show. It’s so funny and worth to watch.

I haven’t found any download links for this show but there’s quite a few which provides the streaming video. Here is one of them. It’s not the full episode sadly, but I’ll keep searching and updating here when I find a good site to watch the show.


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