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The first TV show that I was really interested that I started to dig up everywhere to find the show to watch it from episode one was Cartoon KAT-TUN. It wasn’t long after I got to know about one of KAT-TUN’s member (now ex-member), Akanishi Jin, that I became interested in him and from my research I learned, the group he was in has a TV show called Cartoon KAT-TUN.

Thanks to a lot of videos from their fans who uploaded cuts from the show, I was curious about the show and did my search and finally I came across the big archive for KAT-TUN’s fan that is J-One Records. This is a useful community for KAT-TUN’s fan where we can get a lot of videos of PV (for their single), concert DVD and music shows, scan of magazine, drama/movie that the members acted in, their songs/albums, photobooks and so on.

I enjoyed the show, but it has ended so suddenly around March this year. I think the major reason was because they have different commitments after Jin Akanishi was announced to spread his wings to LA (for his solo concert) and his activities and future from then became vague.

Anyways, the show has three parts, where the first season, they focused on interviewing the guest/s on studio while sometimes having a ‘small challenge’ if they were challenged by the guest on a game/duel. This concept was interesting, because while KAT-TUN is well-known for their strange ‘member-ai’, they managed to make it interesting with their weird sense of Do-S to the members. (You can see that Nakamaru and Taguchi are always being the victim of the other members’ Do-S).



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