How to Know Part 1/Part 2 (completed)
PG-13 / humor
Yamapi wants to know how to know and RyoDa help him in his mission

To Love is To Accept:Part 1/Part 2/Part 3 (completed)
[Ryo as Yamapi’s son, lol]
PG-13 / angst, humor, drama
A broken friendship is mended into love after 7 years, Jin & Tomohisa are beginning to taste the happiness when Tomohisa’s ex-wife reappeared to claim the son, Ryo.

Giri no Otouto’s Love Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4(final)
When Jin comes into Tomohisa’s life as his future brother-in-law, Tomohisa never expected to be attracted to that man

Unfinished Drawing Part 1/ Part 2 (completed)
PG-13 / drama
The incident happened in their high school years forcing Jin to run away from everything, but even after they meet again after so many years, Yamapi was still couldn’t finish the drawing

Not the Worst Vacation Ever – part 1// part 2// part 3// part 4 (final)// (completed)
[+ambiguous MaruDa & possible RyoDa]
>PG-13~NC-17 / humor, romance
PiN is on a vacation, the worst is Ryo tagged along, what makes it better is they met MaruDa

I Want to Protect You   *completed
PG-13 / AU
Yamashita Tomohisa is a personal bodyguard who is assigned to protect Akanishi Jin.
Akanishi Jin, a member of a popular group, KAT-TUN, is facing a murder threat which forced Yamapi to be with him 24/7.
Nishikido Ryo is a friend of Yamapi who can easily be friend and close to Jin.
what fate is waiting for them as Yamapi and Ryo try to protect Jin?

chapter 1 /// chapter 2 /// chapter 3 /// chapter 4 /// chapter 5 /// chapter 6 /// chapter 7 /// chapter 8 /// chapter 9 /// chapter 10 /// chapter 11 /// epilogue

Rivals in Love *completed
PG-13 / AU
Jin and Yamapi were fated to be love rivals, but without knowing that the rivalry is not actually a rivalry. Hate comes in between their relationship, but the hate has develop into another feelings with time. Haunting by the their own pasts, they try to run from the developed feelings, but will fate brings them together again? and how will be the fate of the bestfriend, Ryo who has always loved Jin?

chapter 1 /// chapter 2 /// chapter 3 /// chapter 4 /// chapter 5 /// chapter 6 /// chapter 7 /// chapter 8 /// chapter 9 /// chapter 10 /// chapter 11/// chapter 12 /// chapter 13 /// chapter 14 /// chapter 15 (final)

If It is too Painful *ongoing
Pairing: PiN, JinDa & RyoDa (minor but significant)
PG-13 / drama (mostly angst)
Jin gets involved in an accident after a devastating break up. Being the best friend he is Yamapi helps Jin to regain his memories while trying to protect him from the painful ones.


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